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Although modern science has only just discovered its value, it has quickly become one of the most desired oils to use in quality skincare and cosmetic products. This is because it is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing product, as well as an excellent carrier and a natural and healthy preservative.
With an impressive oleic acid content, Moringa oil is able to deeply penetrate into the skin, helping skin and hair retain moisture. It is also excellent for wrinkle reduction, blemish control and boosting general skin and hair health.
Moringa oil is pale green or yellow in colour and is non-drying, with a nutty flavour. Due to its high antioxidant content, it is the longest lasting of all oils of its type and has a shelf life of up to five years.


One of the greatest benefits of Moringa oil is its anti-ageing property. With its high antioxidant content, it’s no wonder that it is so widely used in the cosmetic industry!

  • Moringa oil contains vitamin A, which is extremely helpful in promoting collagen formation and enhances the firmness of the skin so that it is better able to fight against premature ageing;
  • Being an effective antioxidant, it saves the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals;
  • It can be used as a natural moisturiser and assists in combating acne, pimples, blackheads and other skin concerns;
  • Moringa oil can also be used as a facial cleanser. The oil gently lifts dirt and pollution from the skin and pores, leaving skin beautifully fresh and glowing.

Moringa oil is able to strengthen hair by providing essential minerals and vitamins to the follicles. Regular use will leave your hair feeling soft, and looking shiny and healthy.

  • Containing vitamins A, B and E, zinc, silica, amino acids and keratin proteins, Moringa oil stimulates your natural hair growth while also addressing dryness, hair loss, and brittle hair;
  • Ideal for people with dry scalp or dandruff as it is lighter than many other natural oils and doesn’t weigh your hair down. It is also quickly absorbed for swift relief;
  • Vitamins and minerals in Moringa oil will nourish hair, repair the hair follicle and keep hair in a strong and healthy condition;
  • The zinc content boosts the immune system and keeps the sebaceous glands of the scalp unclogged, which further assists with hair growth.